Marriage and Family - Keeping it all together

Two blog posts ago, I mentioned that I did some bookshelf cleaning. Among a ton of reading materials I re-acquainted with are the workbook and presentation printouts of a seminar about families. I was in college then and my perspective in attending it was that of a daughter. Eight years after and already with a family of my own, I skim through the materials in a different light and more eagerness.

There were discussions about marriage, children and parenting. It was all about family and keeping it all together. It is what I prioritize now - my family and making it a happy and healthy one.

The information I gained from the seminar are all very important to me now and I know a lot of parents and families would benefit from it too, so I will share these information here in my blog. There were also books and other related reading materials I rediscovered in my shelves, and I know I will obtain more in the future. I'll also blog about them.

For now, here are some of the topics I'll be sharing in my future posts:
  • Dysfunction in the Family: Characteristics and breaking the pattern of dysfunction
  • Coping with Stress in Marriage and Family
  • What Children Need from Parents
  • Healing of the Family Tree
I hear you saying: "What is a dysfunctional family? Is my family one? Does my family need healing?" I find myself asking the same questions.

Let's both rediscover and reassess our families in my future posts!

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