12 Little Acts to Bring Our Country Around

In view of the recent hostage crisis in Manila, I believe it wasn't only the police who mishandled the situation. The media, both local and international, did poorly too.

A blow-by-blow account of how the police and hostage negotiators (mis)handled the situation and everything else was broadcasted live to the hostaged bus tv and to the whole world. An international news network reporter was also quick to announce that the country is the worst country to visit.

Whatever happened to responsible journalism? Were they just too keen on bringing in the freshest and biggest scoop? But nothing can be undone now. Our country is under a bad light and we are indignant of shame.

Moving forward, it's an opportune time to be reminded of Alex Lacson's The 12 Little Things We Can Do For Our Country. The Philippines definitely needs a lot of loving from its children. She needed a lot of it before. She need tons of it more now.

Doing #4 is on top of my list. Next of course is #12, and then the other rules. How about you?

The 12 Little Things is applicable to anyone and to any country. Feel free to share your little acts of patriotism. We can all benefit from it.

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