Rummaging Scholastic's Warehouse Book Sale

We were able to check out Scholastic Books's on-going book sale at their warehouse this morning. According to our friend, the sale was not as great as the previous ones. But for someone like me who has not been to a Scholastic book sale before, who has just started building a child's library, and who has not rummaged a book thrift shop yet, it was good enough.

The books on sale were old stocks. It was an assortment of paperbacks, hardbounds, boardbooks, activity books, kids fiction book series, fact books and books for all ages. They were priced Php30, Php50 and Php80. Some were yellowish, have pages falling out, and really old. But there were also books which were in great condition. Some were still in their plastic vacuum packaging.

Since we're just starting our kid's book stash, it wasn't hard to find books for and would interest a little boy. With a little over Php1000, here's what we brought home:

from the Php30 category - (yet another) cookbook for me (but of course I couldn't resist buying some for myself! *wink*) and a hardbound about signing and signs for Coco;

from the Php50 category - a Mother Goose boardbook still in plastic, a science book which will wait for Coco to get older, a parenting tweens book for me and hubby, and a small coffeetable book which I can use to describe emotions and ideas;

and from the Php80 category - 3 I Spy boardbooks, another Mother Goose boardbook but this time with pop-ups, 2 hardcovers, 4 thin books about animals and a paperback about obesity in kids.

If you want to check out the sale, it's still up for a couple of days. Here are the details:
Scholastic Books and Grolier's 1st Clearance Sale
Aug 27-30 and Sep 1-2, 2010
8:00 am-8:00 pm
Scholastic Warehouse, 70C Raymundo Avenue, Rosario, Pasig, Philippines

By the way, regular-priced books are discounted at 10% off.

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