Word Play

It's all black and quiet in our area. We are engulfed by the blackness of the night save for lit candles and battery powered lights. I don't have any news except the bits Ten is giving me. They have powered their TV with their car's battery, and thus are abreast with what's happening in other parts of the metro.

The wrath of the super typhoon is finally over, but it has left Manila in a state of calamity. A lot of people died. A lot of electric posts and billboards fell. A lot of properties were lost. It was said it will take days to turn things back to normal.

The power sector, MMDA, local government units, and other people are now hell bent on turning things back to normal. It's quite relieving knowing I'm just one of those who are waiting for things to normalize. But it does puzzle me. I wonder how literal and limiting "turning things back to normal" could imply.

How can the normal before be the same normal now when what has come to past will remain in the past and a thing of the past? when what has come to past will always leave a mark? How can the normal before be the same normal now when through and underneath all, what will be normal will be seen differently and treated differently...

words are not just words at all.

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