20 questions

Ten and I were back at the La Mesa Eco-Park today. For the past three weekends, we have been spending a day at the park. Jologs? Nah! We don't see it that way. We see it as a relaxing but very cheap get away from the usual hustle and bustle.

And so we were back, but with something else in our minds other than holding hands while walking at may pa-sway-sway pa. ;) The night before we decided to spend some of our leisure time at the park by playing 20 questions. But unlike the spontaneity in the play that won a Palanca Award, we agreed to strain our minds a bit and prepare beforehand. We agreed that our "game" will be bounded by the following conditions: (1) questions should encourage intellectul discussion; (2) questions must not concern issues regarding our relationship; and (3) questions should not be too politically or religiously inclined.

I had a hard time coming up with my set of questions. Thinking brains work best under pressure, I prepared my list just hours before I was to leave home. I realized it was harder because I also need to prepare what I'll wear and what we'll eat for lunch and snacks at the park. So when Ten came to pick me up, I was still one question short. Fortunately though, numbers were not really an issue.

Through the course of our game, we had varying discussions from when should the academic year begin to the banning or regularization of billboards, from which is the lesser evil between sex and violence to at what age a child can cope best when a parent leaves for work abroad, and from the significance or lack thereof of beauty pageants to the best way to reduce traffic woes in Metro Manila.

I learned a lot from our mentally engaging activity. From all the insights and information brought about by the activity, I was - again - affirmed that Ten and I can talk about anything, bring the conversation to a depth and end it with out being pikon. But best among all I've learned today, I'm very happy knowing that Ten and I more or less uphold the same values in life. =)

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