back from hiatus

I was not blogging because of lack of something to write. In fact, there are a lot of stuff to write about. The mind has never run out of thoughts that I’d like to believe I can write ten sensible blog entries in a day. ...but that is an exaggeration and time for writing blogs is a rare luxury. There will always be things to do, things to plan, things to prepare for, and things to re-evaluate. I’d rather spend my idle times for sleep, sudoku, and watching telly and my flowerhorns. Blogging is… is… uhm… done during office hours. *wink* *wink*

But hey! If you’re my boss and you’re reading this now, easy ka lang pre. Easy! Thank our clients for keeping my hands full in the office. And thank the super typhoon milenyo, work is suspended and he got me in the writing mood.

I imagine hearing a sigh of relief.

Thankful eh? I also have a lot to thank for. I’d like to thank my boss for finally hooking up to DSL. Thanks boss! Indeed, faster is better. Multi-tasking is at its best. *wink* *wink*

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