I Won! I Won! I'm One of the Winners of the Roaming Roños 1st Blog Contest!

Weeeee!!!!! Happiness! It's my first time to join an online contest, and I WON in The Roaming Roños 1st Blog Contest!

I never, not an ounce, expected to win. I just thought what-the-heck I really do like their traveling and biking escapades. It's not so much for me to make a comment on their blog. I'm dreaming of becoming a traveler on two-wheels (check my #35) and be a full-pledged mountain climber (based on purist standards) by conquering an alpine slope. I'm keeping tab of their Himalayan adventure and possibly other off-the-beaten-track adventures for reference. I'm thank them for sharing all that. If you share the same interests, hop on to their site!

And back to the contest, being one of the winners give me more reasons to show my gratitude. Thanks a lot Mr. and Mrs. Roño! I'm looking forward to a day of pampering.

1 comment:

  1. wow, thanks for this entry rachel and you're very much welcome! you'll be sure to receive the GC within the week. happy pampering!

    -Mrs. Roño