50 by 50 version 2

Five birthdays ago, when I was single and care-free, I wrote a bucket list by age 50. Five years have gone and I must say I made some big leaps of faith and some progress. These changes, in status and priorities in life, have made me reconsider a few items in the list. Life as a wife and a mother is so much different!

Now here's my updated list. In bold black are the new items:
  1. pat and ride an elephant
  2. read the Bible cover to cover
  3. be an MS degree holder- of what and if should be, I'm still deciding. Being a wife, a mother, and a parent made me re-assess my priorities.
  4. sponsor the education or help educate as many children as possible. possibly more than 25 - i joined KaEskwela with the belief that it's one way of getting around this dream. I'm also thinking of being a volunteer teacher in a school...
  5. be a UN volunteer - I'm not very keen on this one anymore or doing it by 50, but I'll still leave it here.
  6. be an environmental specialist with expertise on cleaner technology and hazardous waste management my perspective of living a sustainable life is still the same. But, I'm thinking of taking a different career path. As to what it is, I still have to figure out. Motherhood is already a career though..
  7. visit and take pictures of ALL notable old and historic churches in the country
  8. have my own library holding about 500 literary classics and personal favorites
  9. read each and every book in my library
  10. explore Philippines and climb ALL most of its mountains.
  11. give my dad a brand new cefiro a good second-hand pick-up truck
  12. give my parents a small rest house somewhere green and quiet It'll really be great gifting my parents with that but I realized they already have two houses which is more than what they can keep up. So I'll change this item to... Help hubby in purchasing our very own home-sweet-home complete with solar panels, a koi pond, an herb garden, a mini farm with fruits and vegetable and "fully-loaded and armed" wood workshop
  13. go bungee jumping
  14. finish a 5K run - DONE! I did my first 5k with the Aqua Fortis Dragonboat Rowing women's crew back in 2005. With the regular rowing training, it wasn't much of a sweat. That run was followed with more 5Ks and 10Ks with The boyfriend-now hubby. I'm updating this item to: Finish a full 42K marathon in 4 hours.
  15. walk the whole stretch of EDSA
  16. join a tri-athlete competition - Maybe one of kids will just do it for me??? but I'm not closing my doors on this one yet.
  17. join a regatta and win - DONE! See the picture of a broadsheet clipping for proof! ;P
  18. be able to play a decent tennis game: good serves, proper volleys and nice backhand returns. - nah! I'm done with tennis. I believe running is my game. To this list I'll then add: Make a podium finish in any running category.
  19. own a business that is income generating for the less privilege
  20. stroll in Paris with Mr. The One - Hubby - wearing stylish terno and barong
  21. drive an eighteen wheeler trailer - cool. but no, nevermind. I have to drive and brave EDSA instead.
  22. be an MMDA road sweeper for a day
  23. be a "bus girl" in galleria food court for a day
    - ah! my working days near Galleria. Not so interesting for me now. Housechores are enough to keep me. I'm replacing this item with: Publish my own (coffeetable) book
  24. rappel from an airborne helicopter - I was thinking of accomplishing this by doing the Red Cross Water Safety or the 505 Search and Rescue Training. But no.. I will let go of this rather do: Learn a foreign language.
  25. get married before 30 - DONE! married at age 27
  26. have children of my own - baby #1 up and about!
  27. make beso, get an autograph of and a picture with juday - I'm still a Juday fan, but this is too trivial for me now. This item would then be: Be a successful stock broker
  28. make beso, chikka and get a picture with kris aquino.- I'm deleting this for the same reason as the previous one. Replacing it with: Successfully homeschool our children during their preschool years.
  29. SCUBA dive in the Great Barrier Reef - I still have to learn how to swim and/or dive...
  30. go on a 2 1 week cruise with Mr. The One - The Hubby - and our little ones
  31. go sky diving
  32. go BASE jumping - one sky diving is enough. To this list I'll then add: Go to Batanes with the family!
  33. stay overnight in the world's only 7-star hotel - this will be fine but we'd rather: Visit Mama, Tissa, Mommy and Ethel in their respective US States, and Maan & Marlon in Australia.
  34. travel around Asia. being at least 1 2 whole weeks in China and at least 3days in other countries.
  35. bike all the way to Cabusao to visit Lolo Ago
  36. sleep on the sands of a scenic beach and wake up from a beautiful sunrise - DONE with Hubby!
  37. see my Dad receive Holy Communion
  38. hear God call my name again
  39. kiss the Pope's ring
  40. get a feel what it's like sleeping on the pavements of Luneta, Quiapo, Roxas Blvd, or in an overpass
  41. hug Bayo and Jeremee
  42. be an extra/bit player in a film
  43. see a giant panda up close
  44. make my own ice cream
  45. see what's inside Iglesia ni Cristo's sambahan - too trivial. I'm replacing this with: Travel around the Philippines with the family. Visiting the off the beaten tracks every now and then.
  46. get a great white husky or a very big black neopolitan mastiff for a pet
  47. watch a number of shows in Broadway
  48. drive the MRT train - kid stuff yet again. Updating this item to: Love, nurture, guide and see our children grow up to be great children of God
  49. climb mountains with my nieces and my own kids - kind of redundant with #10.. replacing it then with: Grow and diversify our financial and investment portfolio. And be financially free!
  50. seat in the courtside while watching Ginebra play in the finals and then get a picture with the whole team

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