Timespace warp to the present

WHOA! i have a blog???!?? ;P

it's been AGES since i last posted anything here. my last entry dates back to more than three years ago. A LOT has happened. A LOT has definitely changed.

from a single, worry-free and adventure-seeking me, i have become a full-time housewife to a wonderful husband and mother to our first bundle of joy. truth be told, i tried to put up a new blog. i initially wanted to have a separate and new site to chronicle my thoughts, adventures and misadventures in marriage, family and motherhood. life has become sooo much different now than before. my concerns now are different. the ones i used to worry about have become nonsensical and petty.

after debating with myself over the thought of having a new blog, i decided to carry on with my old and established (???!?) blog. my baseline or theme, if i can call it that, for this site is my search for happiness. over the years i was gone, a lot in and around me may have changed that may warrant a separate blog. but then my search for happiness, holding on and sharing it remains the same.

so cheers to searching nirvana!


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