first half

the first half of the year is almost through. and reflecting on the resolutions i made before the year started, i think i'm still far to fulfilling any of them or doing any of them regularly.

learn to swim and bike. i attended OCMI's 2-day water safety and also some of rhowie's swimming lessons. i learned the principles of crawl and breast stroke. principles, yes. application and practice? ho-hum... as for biking, worse.

ayusin ang hagod. i was included in the line-up for the Manila Dragons' 2.5K Marathon and also in the 250 meters and 500 meters events in the Boracay International Dragon Run. coach and rhowie said my form is already okay so, i guess i just have to focus on load and endurance.

take 505. still awaiting schedule for the training of new applicants. hope it won't be too much in conflict of other stuffs.

go places. this year so far, i've been to mt. batulao in batangas, kairukan falls in bataan, baguio, boracay, tagaytay, capones island in zambales, twice in puerto galera, mt. pulag, sulfur springs, opdas burial cave, and tinongchol cave all in benguet. not much or too grand but i'm satisfied. looking forward to more trips.

read a lot of books. have read only one...yet. i'm almost done with book #2.

jog regularly. i've been jogging regularly the first few months. i even joined a 5K marathon. but that's until i was too hooked up with organizing the pulag climb and with training for rowing.

write letters to mama and my sponsored kids. haven't written a single one. not even a postcard to anyone. or even a mushy note to ten.

at mag-ipon. no monetary savings until now. can i just talk about total assets? nah!

well i still have the second half to make up, right?

and do alot of other wonderful and happy stuffs, yes.


marathon? boracay? ten? details?

what details???

hehehehehe ;)


  1. panalo!!!

    ung ipon? share ko lang sayo. ako wala. ni singkong duling especially after my bora trip and the everyweekend non-stop lakwatsa ko. So I promised myself that I will start saving next year. mag-lielow ako pag-akyat, sa paglakwatsa at sa kung ano pang ibang gastos.

    places I've been too??? medyo madami na... first half pa lang... hehehe... tpos coming soon pa ang palawan, davao at Road trip to Bicol.

    jog? hindi na ako nakakapag-jog. wala akong mahilang masipag-sipag mag jog.

    learn to ride a bike... hmmm wala pang chance. pero nakahanap na ako ng magtuturo hopefully matuto na ako before the year ends. :)

    Money is nothing compare to the experiences and the memories... hehehe. motto ng isang certified gastusera!

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