Unforgotten Past

who wants to be rejected? nobody. but it's something everyone has to get through at least at one point of their lives. but still there are people who have to endure it every so often. so often it makes one insecure, low esteemed, fearful.

i've been rejected and ridiculed a number of times. a number too many i have learned to get used to. i've been rejected and ridiculed at varying intensity and for varying reasons. among reasons, the most painful is because of my past.

rejection and ridicule. stuff that made my heart weak and strong. weak and traumatized. strong and defiant. only a loon will feel all at the same time. and yes, i'm a loon to get through this bitter life. but no, i ain't going to remain as one.

it is sad that i've made a lot of mistakes in the past. but things can not be undone. one can only accept, forgive, hope.

mending the broken pieces of my ego, picking up my pride where i've forgotten it, i can only pray for strength to endure the consequences, and be resilient to go on.


most recent rejection came this mournful monday. f*ck all people who couldn't look pass what has been. hell yeah, i regret having a bloody transcript. but fyi, i did not go to school to study in the classrooms. i went to school to learn about life. and that, i'll never regret doing.


  1. rejection.. i can relate so much and it seems the universe conspires everytime to present myself with an innovative way of rejection... ugh...

  2. ey... life can't be all that bad

    Maybe it's not meant to be ... yet! :)